Latino leaders discuss election's impact on children

CHICAGO (WLS) -- One group that feels slighted by the outcome of the election is Latinos. Community leaders gathered in Chicago to talk about measures they can take to ensure a better future for the community's children.

Latinos make up about a quarter of students nationally and in Illinois. Some projections show that by 2023 that number will increase to one third.

Latinos came out in large numbers to support Hillary Clinton and many are devastated by the outcome of the election. They say they feel marginalized and threatened.

On Thursday morning, the Latino Policy Forum held a breakfast for local, state and national leaders. Keynote speakers talked about some of the ways we can protect and advance the welfare of Latino children during this time of transition and uncertainty.

"I think many have said that we see that Mr. Trump is a bully and it's the amplified version bullying. So, how do we protect our children from anyone who is speaking negatively about them? We reinforce them with love. We reinforce them with their self-esteem. And we say that we're all valued as human beings," said Sylvia Puente, executive director, Latino Policy Forum.

President-elect Trump ran a campaign with controversial proposals about deporting illegal immigrants, reducing immigrant rights and building a wall along the border with Mexico.

Puente said we live in a democracy and she supports the will of the people, but will continue to advocate for equality and the rights of all Americans.
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