Man kills son, allegedly thought he was an intruder

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colorado -- A Colorado man is behind bars after shooting a man he said he thought was an intruder but later found out was his son.

Neighbors call 58-year-old Leo Huner a good and decent man who owns an auto repair shop in the area.

But police arrested him after he allegedly killed a man at his home who turned out to be his adult son, Nick.

Huner is charged with second-degree murder.

Investigators removed evidence from the home and also launched a drone above the home and around its property lines. Douglas County Search and Rescue used metal detectors to further examine the land behind and on the west side of the home.

It is unclear what they were searching for, but it raises a question as to why there is such an exhaustive search outside if it was initially believed an intruder broke into the home and was shot in self defense.
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