19-year-old shot, killed by Fresno police, caught on cam, had alcohol, drugs in system

FRESNO, Calif. -- More evidence continues to be released in the Fresno police shooting of 19-year-old Dylan Noble in June. Two officers shot and killed Noble when he refused to obey police commands. On Tuesday, the Fresno County Sheriff Coroner's Office released autopsy results.

When body camera video of Noble's shooting finally surfaced, it answered many questions, but also posed new ones. People wondered what caused Noble to disobey dozens of commands by Fresno police.

"We knew he had been consuming alcohol, we just didn't know what level it would be or how much alcohol he consumed," said Chief Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Department.

An autopsy report released Tuesday shed more light. Noble had a blood alcohol content of 0.12, much higher than the legal limit of 0.01 for people under age. Toxicology tests also found traces of benzoylecgonine - the primary component of cocaine - in his system.

The attorney for Noble's mother said Noble was afraid of getting in trouble, so he yelled the words, "I (EXPLETIVE) hate my life," while walking toward officers.

"It doesn't mean you wanna die, it means you are kind of caught in a bad situation. He's pulled over, he's facing officers, he's thinking, 'I'm going to get a DUI,' and that might explain the comments," said Stuart Chandler, the attorney representing Dylan Noble's mother.

Noble had a history of driving under the influence. In 2014, Clovis, Calif., police stopped him for an infraction. Court documents show that he pleaded guilty and agreed to take a 12-hour alcohol and drug program.

Chief Dyer said the officers who stopped him did not know his history.

"They certainly did not get close enough to smell if there was alcohol, their focus was really on the individual's hands and the fact they were concealed," Dyer said.

In the video, Noble's hands hovered over his abdomen. The autopsy confirms he was hit in that area, with injuries to his small and large intestines, his right lung, kidney and liver.

The family's attorney said it was inexcusable for officers to continue shooting.

"Could they really think that this young man can reach into his waistband after he's already been hit (and) take aim at officers with guns trained on him? That's preposterous," said Chandler.

At this time, it is not clear which shot actually killed Noble. The cause of death is still listed as homicide.
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