Man steals cell phone from 4-year-old inside Walmart

A man has been arrested after police say he stole a cell phone from a 4-year-old girl inside a Walmart store in Florida.

Little Angelina's father, Nelson Quiles, says he was so eager to catch the crook who stole his daughter's cell phone that he sent a text message to her number.

And the robber, Mykhal Henderson, responded.

"I was telling him he should return the phone because he stole it from a 4-year-old. He pretty much laughed in my face," said Nelson.

The response came back right away: "Ok well the Walmart floor said I can have it."

Henderson said he found the phone on the floor and was going to keep it.

Soon after, cops tracked him down through an online order he placed and arrested him at a traffic stop where he confessed.

So while Angelina will be getting her phone back, the story has a lot of people asking a lot of questions including: When should kids get phones in the first place?

Volusia County Sheriff's officials tell WKMG the girl left her phone on the floor at the Walmart store in Deltona. It was gone when the family returned to look for it.

A deputy reviewed the store's surveillance video and saw the suspect pick up the phone, then go to the store's online pickup counter. She found his name - Mykhal Henderson - on a receipt and deputies arrested him during a traffic stop.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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