Mom fights for custody after giving sick 3-year-old pot, stands by decision

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Her 3-year-old daughter was suffering from a seizures when she gave the child marijuana in a smoothie. (KTRK)

Kelsey Osborne is heartbroken, as her daughter and son have been taken from their home, while Osborne fights a misdemeanor injury to child charge.

"She was begging me to save her that she was going to die," said Osborne. "She said she loved her dad and Mike and me and her step mom, and she started going in to a seizure, her eyes locked to the side of her head, she couldn't move."

Osborne's 3-year-old daughter Madyson was suffering from a seizure, something doctors have not found the cause of.

When Osborne was told to wait several hours before the next doctor's appointment, she made a tough decision, one that has now gone viral.

"At about 11 o' clock is when I decided with my knowledge of cannabis, I was going to give her just a tiny bit in a smoothie and butter and it helped her," said Osborne. "Thirty minutes later, she stopped having seizures and she stopped hallucinating."

At the doctor's office, a battery of tests were run to figure out the cause, one of which came back positive for THC.

That's when the Department of Health and Welfare were called as part of protocol and Child Protective Services got involved.

Currently, her two children, Madyson and Ryker are staying with their father, and Osborne is allowed supervised visitation.

"I was sitting there thinking, I know this will help her and I know I can get in trouble for it, but this is my daughter's life," said Osborne.

KMVT reports that nine states will have marijuana reform on their November 8th ballot, but Idaho is not one of them.

For this mother, she says something has to change.

"This is her home, I've always been her main caregiver to my children since day one, I feel like at least medicinal should be legalized in Idaho," said Osborne.
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