Motorcycle ride honors fallen Fox Lake officer

FOX LAKE, Ill. (WLS) -- A group of motorcycle riders showed support for the family of fallen police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz with a memorial ride that took them from northwest Indiana to Fox Lake Saturday.

Seventy-five bikers undertook the 85-mile ride from Highland, Ind. to honor Lt. Gliniewicz, who was shot down nearly two weeks ago. The motorcade slowed down at the police department, each driver taking time to deposit roses by the side of the road.

"I started crying when we pulled up to the police station," said Chita Cook.

"It was an emotional ride," said Tom Lloyd, Unforgotten Souls Motorcycle Club. "It started out kind of small when we were down the road, but as I looked in our rearview mirror on the expressway it kept growing and growing."

The fundraiser ride was put together by Indiana's Unforgotten Souls Motorcycle Club, all members being former military or first responders.

"We've all taken an oath at a different time in our life in our professions and that oath is that we leave nobody behind and nobody's forgotten and we take care of everybody," said ride organizer Matt Novak.

Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, 52.

Lake County Sheriff's Department

The most emotional part of the day came at the ride's end. There to meet them was Lt. Gliniewicz's widow. Hugs and words of comfort were exchanged with every one there.

"He was my heart, my soul, I didn't just love him," said Mel Gliniewicz. "Everyone loved him and every time I see one of you guys it reminds me how many people he touched in this world."

Back at the police department, the roses were collected and placed on the ever-growing memorial, which even 12 days later, continues to attract people from all over the area.

"Our childcare decided to color some pictures for the officers to say thank you for all they do and all their hard work," said Crystal Stennett. "We appreciate them putting themselves out there every day and risking their lives for us."

While the tributes continue, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the investigation into Lt. Glieniewicz's death, and a community hoping the answers will come sooner rather than later.
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