Paramedic accused of stealing from deceased teens after responding to wreck

FARGO-VALLEY CITY, N.D. -- A North Dakota couple is not only dealing with the grief of losing their teen sons in a car accident. Now they're learning a volunteer EMS worker who responded to the wreck allegedly stole money from the boys, reports television station WDAY.

Connor and Zach Kvalvogs died in a wreck on Interstate 94. Investigators say Tara Lindquist admitted to the theft, taking money to pay her power bill.

Ray Kvalvog, the boys' father, got the investigation started after he noticed cash he had given them before the accident was missing from the boys' billfolds.

"Probably just sadness that someone was violating my kids when they were deceased," he said. "That is just sad because we have had do much community support. People have been so nice to us."

"You think you are just getting up again, and you get another blow," Kathie Kvalvog told WDAY. "That is pretty low."

News of charges against Lindquist comes just days after the grieving parents received another blow. They learned the truck the boys' were in may have been part of a recall for steering issues. Also, the airbags in the truck didn't deploy.