Patient wants answers after he says hospital lost his prosthetic leg

HOUSTON -- It has been an emotional roller coaster for Scott Lee since he was wheeled into Ben Taub Hospital June 30, 2016.

"I don't think it's right for a hospital to be able to lose someone's property and get away with it," Scott Lee said, in tears.

"I feel very disrespected. How can you do that to someone?"

Lee was brought to Ben Taub by two Harris County Sheriff deputies after attempting to end his life.

"The deputy told me he would have to take my prosthetic from me. I gave it to the deputy, he gave it to a Ben Taub nurse," Lee said.

That was the last time he saw his $30,000 prosthetic leg. To make matters worse, two months later, his left leg was amputated because of an ongoing medical condition.

"Learning how to walk again for the third time in my life, it's not easy," Lee said.

Lee has since been able to get two new prosthetic legs, thanks to his insurance and he's now in therapy to learn how to use them.

"Gravity, mobility, everything (has an effect). Like a baby learning how to walk," Lee said.

What angers him the most is that he has yet to get answers for what happened to his original prosthetic leg, he said.

"What I went through mentally, psychologically, they owe me that," Lee said.

Bryan McLeod, Corporate Communications with Harris Health System Hospital sent Eyewitness News the following response:

"We understand from Mr. Lee that he has recently received a new prosthetic limb for each of his amputated legs.

It is policy of the health system to hold patient belongings for a period of 30 days, at which time the belongings are routinely discarded after attempts to reach the patient and/or family members are exhausted.

Harris Health is sorry for any inconvenience experienced by Mr. Lee.

To get into specifics of the patient's care history, we must have his written authorization to do so."

Lee told Eyewitness News he had been questioning Ben Taub about his missing limb from day one, before the 30-day grace period. Lee is looking for a lawyer that can take on his case.
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