Police increase presence on 'Black Wednesday'

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is what some call 'Black Wednesday,' a night where many college students are coming home and going out at night to drink and party with friends.

The Naperville Police Department and others have noticed this trend and are taking measures to ensure safety on the night before Thanksgiving Day.

"We have probably double the resources that we would usually have on any given weekday night, just to accommodate black Wednesday," said Michaus Williams of the Naperville Police Department.

Wednesday night police planned to be out, especially once the bars close.

"Our biggest concern is drinking and driving," Williams said.

Some Naperville residents said the added officers are appreciated on a night where many will be kicking off the holiday.

"Knowing I will be able to drive home and be safe, I do appreciate that," said Lindsey Luther.
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