Principal accuses 6th grader of selling water snakes as sex toys

RACINE, Wis. -- A principal in Wisconsin is accusing a sixth grader of selling sex toys.

Frances Habeck said she had permission from her teacher to sell Water Snake Wigglies for a fundraiser at the Trinity Lutheran Church.

Her father, Milt Habeck, is taking a stand after he said the principal suspended his daughter and shamed her last month in front of parents, children, her basketball teammates and coach accusing her of selling the water snakes as sex toys.

Frances said the principal taught her the name of a sex toy.

"When I found out what it was, I thought, 'Oh wow! I shouldn't have really learned this, that word that came out of her mouth.' It just, whoa, yeah," Frances said.

"We have never asserted that a water snake toy is a sex toy," Rev. David Gehne told WISN.

Frances said she's been so upset about the incident that she hasn't been able to focus on school.

"This got to me so badly my grades started to go down. I cried myself to sleep," Frances said.

According to WISN, the Trinity school board said Frances violated school policy for selling toys in school and considers the matter resolved. But Milt said he won't stop until his daughter's record is cleared.
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