Retired police officers meet with DOJ investigators

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Retired CPD officers met Thursday with U.S. Department of Justice investigators, who have been talking with local stakeholders over the last several weeks about possible problems within the Chicago Police Department.

The retired officers met with Justice Department attorneys, a community outreach officer and their police expert in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

"Our ancestors probably did the same thing we're doing today, but if no one does it today, then what happens? We want to make sure that we are heard today," said Richard Wooten, a retired CPD officer and Gathering Point Community Council.

The meetings come as the Justice Department looks at whether the Chicago police violated the civil rights of Laquan McDonald, or others.

The retired officers sough to provide not only insight into problems that plague the department, but also solutions that will help.

"I recommend to the Justice Department that they get a chief of staff, who is a civilian, to represent the citizens of the city of Chicago. And that's what we need to make sure we don't have no more cover ups," said Maurice Brown, a retired CPD lieutenant.

"We're concerned about the lack of community input in how the police department is run, the pressure that is on police officers internally to go along," Pat Hill, a retired CPD officer.

Community representatives also took part in the private meeting.

The retired officers said they asked for this meeting to bring change to the CPD and ultimately improve relations between police and communities of color.

"This is an opportunity where we can come together and really make Chicago a model for the United States," Wooten said.

The DOJ representatives would not comment on Thursday's meeting or where they are in the investigation.

A Chicago police spokesman said they fully support the DOJ investigation.
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