Son gets shocked trying to save drowning father

A son jumped into a pool trying to save his drowning 60-year-old father in an Alabama pool and nearly lost his own life.

As he was trying to get his father out of the pool, an electrical shock pulsated its way through Lucas McGrady's veins causing severe damage and landing him in the hospital in critical condition.

His father Carl did not survive the incident.

"The older male was inside the swimming pool. His son jumped in to assist him and became unresponsive," Florence Police Sgt. Brad Holmes said.

According to the most recent CPSC report, 14 people have died from electrical shocks in pools over an 11-year span.

With summer just a few weeks away, the risks of electrical currents in pools are now on the forefront of many parents' minds.

"Electrical issues in the aquatic environment are typically caused by wires that are shorted out or corrosion," Deputy Chief Tom Gills, Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service, said.

In 2014, surveillance video captured the moment a girl touched a metal rail in a Florida pool. She instantly went limp. A man tried to help her, but he got zapped, too. He was able to yank the girl out of the water and she did survive.

There are a few tips you should follow to prevent this hidden pool danger from happening to you.

"You reach to the person without having to enter the water. If not, you throw something to them and then pull them back in," Gills said.
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