Store clerk injured while stopping armed robbery in Chatham

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police say a man was injured after intervening in an armed robbery at a business in the city's Chatham neighborhood.

Detectives were in the store for hours, investigating the attempted shooting and attempted robbery. They credited the quick thinking and physical bravery of the men behind the counter for the crime's failure.

Police said a 20-year-old man entered a store in the 8400-block of South Cottage Grove Avenue Wednesday afternoon, pulled out a handgun and announced a robbery.

JeRome Brown made his daily walk to the neighborhood and arrived in the immediate aftermath.

"I came immediately after it happened," he said.

The gunman assumed it would be an easy robbery. It was not. A 37-year-old store clerk got into a physical altercation with the suspect, police said, resulting in cuts and bruises for both men. The victim and another employee were able to detain the suspect until police arrived.

"When he first came out his face was full of blood," Brown said. "The guy had the gun pointed at him, squeezing it to shoot. He tried to shoot him, but the gun jammed."

That's when Brown said his store clerk friend's bravery and instincts kicked in.

"He fought the guy back and, I guess, overwhelmed him, took the gun from him, told him if he moved he would shoot him," he said.

Chicago police took the suspect into custody and the victim was taken to Trinity Hospital in fair condition.

"He was seconds away from a different outcome," said Brown.

Police said the suspect is in custody.
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