Surveillance video captures South Shore laundromat shooting

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Two people were shot at a laundromat on the city's South Side Friday morning and surveillance video captured two men opening fire.

A man and woman were struck by gunfire in the 6800-block of South Stony Island. At least one shot went into the laundromat through the front door window.

By 9:30 a.m. surveillance footage showed two people on bikes, at least one was armed and ready to fire. They circled the parking lost at 68th and Stoney Island. It becomes clear they had a target in mind. The pair, one on a Divvy bike, rode up to the front of a laundromat, dropped the bikes and strolled in. Within a matter of seconds, they spotted someone and immediately the target took off.

He tripped over a laundry cart on the way out and dodged bullets coming at him from behind. And then there was a woman in pink who walked out just ahead of the gunfire, only for it to come her way by chance. She tried to duck, but a bullet grazed her shoulder. And just like that, the gunman ran away as fast as he fired.

The female victim was driven to the hospital. The male victim, in his 20s, was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was shot in the back and lower leg.

Police are now looking for the suspect.
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