Teen beaten by 3 after prank at neighbor's home

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Teen beaten after prank, Marla Carter reports. (KTRK)

Miguel Arcos, 13, loves football. He was playing the game with his friends on Saturday when their prank on a neighbor's door turned violent.

Arcos says it's a prank called "ding dong ditch."

"He knocked on the owners' house. They ding dong ditched the house so he ran off and the my other friend and I we kept playing football and my other friend was like, 'They're coming! They're coming,' and I was like, 'What are you talking about?'," said Arcos.

He says after his friend knocked on the neighbor's door, the neighbors got mad and started chasing after the boys. According to Arcos, the neighbors thought he was the one who had knocked. Miguel said they pushed him against a wall, holding his up on his sides, like a "T". He says there were three people who attacked him -- a husband, wife and a man Arcos believes is their son.

"The mom started pulling my hair so all I could do was kick, kick, kick," said Arcos.

He said the suspects punched him. All he could think about was his family.

"I would never be able to see my mom again and my sister and my brother," thought Arcos.

Arcos says his friend distracted the suspect and he got away. The next day his mother called the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Raul Rivera, Marilu Gonzalez and Christoper Gonzalez were arrested and charged with injury to a child.

Although Arcos didn't suffer any serious injuries, he says that he's learned an important lesson.

"Don't knock on other people's houses if you're not a UPS driver," added Arcos.
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