Teen girl dies in crash hours after prom

FREMONT, Calif. -- Grief counselors will be available at a Union City High School on Monday to help students and faculty cope with the loss of a senior who was supposed to graduate in a few weeks.

The teen girl died after getting into a car crash with her mother on Fremont Boulevard hours after her prom ended.
They were less than two blocks way from their home when a car hit them at the intersection. The teen and her mother were in a Toyota Yaris, making a left turn from Fremont Boulevard when a Chevy Malibu crashed into them.

Maria Marcelino was behind the wheel and survived the crash, but her daughter Shane did not. "She was a kind-hearted person and she always loved everyone," friend David Willkom said.

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Shane was an honors student, played the flute for the school band, and was just weeks away from graduation. "She was supposed to be graduating next month and just not seeing that hurts my heart and like I just want to see her graduate," Willkom said.

Tragedy has hit James Logan High School already this academic year. The Logan community lost a student and a former student in a car crash on I-880 in September.

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"It's going to be a struggle to balance the typical type of celebration that one might experience at the end of a school year and temper it with you know, really a very tragic accident," New Haven Unified School District Director of Pupil Services John Mattos said.

As for Shane's mom, she's being treated for major non-life threatening injuries at a hospital.

The people in the car that hit her suffered minor injuries.

Fremont police are looking into whether alcohol or speeding played a role in the crash.

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