Teen who nearly lost life from synthetic marijuana files suit

CYPRESS, TX -- A Cypress teenager and her parents are suing the owners of a business they claim sold their daughter synthetic marijuana two years ago, leaving her disabled.

Emily Bauer bought what she says was called "Klimax" at a Cypress convenience store. A few hours later she was in an emergency room, one of thousands such e-r visits linked to synthetic pot.

The packets that are sold by the gram are marked 'not for human consumption,' while also packaged with names that imply hallucinogenic effects.

Bauer underwent sugery to lessen the swelling on her brain. She is still disabled from the after effects two years later, according to the lawsuit.

Among the issues involving synthetic pot is that product formulas are changed to keep it one step ahead of regulators and laws. The DEA has listed several versions as controlled substances. The change of one molecule makes a difference.

At Cenikor's Deer Park residential treatment center, as many as half of the clients have used synthetic marijuana.
Kurt Shelton says he used it for 3 years, saying it knocks you down it's so potent."

21 year old Josh Burks still feels the effects of it in his nervous system, saying "my fingers shake." It was he says, as addictive as the heroin he also used until he finally sought treatment.

Synthetic pot is still evolving according to Cenikor counselor Steve Reeves. "it's the vaporization, he says, that is now allowing it to be sprayed on cigarettes. The liquid can be carried in water bottles, like liquid methamphetamine is."

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