Theo Epstein tops "World's Greatest Leaders" list by Fortune

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Surpassing Chance the Rapper, Melinda Gates and even the Pope, Fortune Magazine named Cubs president Theo Epstein the world's greatest leader.

When you reverse the fortunes of two historically-terrible sports franchises - the Cubs and Red Sox - you're bound to make it to the top of a few lists. But World's Greatest Leader? It has a lot of people talking.

He has been nicknamed "Boy Wonder," "Theo the Hero," and "The Wizard of Wrigleyville." Now he's added the title of "World's Greatest Leader." But does he deserve it?

"I think there's a lot to getting the Cubs into the World Series with their history, so you deserve number one," said Fred Snow, Cubs fan.

"I guess he was able to get the Cubs to win the World Series and no one else has. I guess it makes sense," said Lauren Sharkey, Cubs fan.

In the April issue of Fortune, the publication cited Theo's mastery of team chemistry, and his integrity and character as some of his top qualities. When he was hired as the president of Cubs baseball operations, he made a promise to his players.

"They deserve to know that the organization will always been honest with them and will work hard to put them in a position to succeed," Theo said in 2011.

The magazine also said his integrity and character bring people closer.

"Getting to come to work at Wrigley Field every day, come together with a group of people with a common vision and go try and build a foundation to have success and do something that hasn't been done in 103 years. That sounds like a great dream to me," he said in 2011.

Still, at age 43, Theo has never brokered a peace deal, or led a country through a depression or calamity. Should Fortune have ranked him higher than the Pope?
"I guess it depends on who's voting. If I'm looking for advice, I'm going to go with the Pope," said Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich.

Even Theo seemed taken aback, telling ESPN, "Um, I can't even get my dog to stop peeing in the house."

But it's perhaps that humility, coupled with a killer instinct, that puts him shoulder-to shoulder with other world leaders.

"This special group of players behind me, in one of the greatest World Series games in history, ended the longest championship drought in American sports," Theo said when visiting the White House with the Cubs in January.

Theo is quoted by ESPN as saying he's not even the best leader in the Cubs organization; the players are.

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