Trump Slams Elizabeth Warren: She's Clinton's 'Goofy Friend'

EUGENE, OREGON -- Donald Trump says he's fed up with Elizabeth Warren.

During a rally here Friday night at the Lane Events Convention Center, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee took aim at the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, who has been writing tweets critical of him in recent days.

The tweet below, written May 3, is just one of her recent missives:

So at Friday night's rally, Trump bestowed upon her -- like he has with many of his other foes -- a nickname: "Goofy Elizabeth Warren," or his abbreviated variation, "Goofus."

Trump told his supporters, "I just learned that 'Crooked Hillary,' along with her friend -- you know she's got this goofy friend named Elizabeth Warren, she's on a Twitter rant. She's a 'goofus,' she is a 'goofus.'"

It didn't take long for Warren to respond, taking to Twitter, writing, "I called out @realDonaldTrump on Tuesday. 45 million saw it. He's so confident about his 'counter punch' he waited until Friday night. Lame."

She also tweeted, "'Goofy,' @realDonaldTrump? For a guy with "the best words" that's a pretty lame nickname. Weak!"

Trump added of Warren, "By the way she's done nothing in the United States Senate, she's done nothing."

He also took issue with Warren's past claims that she's part Native American. "You know, her whole career is a fraud because she goes out and she says she's a Native American," he said. "I won't use the word Indian, because they say it's not a nice word to use."

Trump did seem to show a slight affinity for fellow populist Bernie Sanders. Trump has been overt in his effort to woo Sanders' voters, supporting the Vermont Senator for slamming Clinton for her Wall Street ties.

"She's going to a be tool for Wall Street and everybody else -- you watch, 100 percent," he said. "I'm not fan of Bernie Sanders but he's 100 percent right on that. Hillary Clinton is totally controlled by the people that put up her money."

And as is the case with many past Trump events, there were also protesters (video, below), but there were no disturbances.

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