Caught on camera: Teens rush Florida mall movie theater

OCOEE, FL -- Police arrested two juveniles who they say were a part of 200 juveniles who rushed a theater near Orlando, WFTV-TV reports.

Dozens of people were in the theater in Ococee Saturday night to watch a film when dozens of teenagers showed up. Many of them bolted past the ticket collector before workers were able to close the security gates.

Some of the incident was caught on cell phone video.

Police arrived and were able to force the teens to move into parking lot, but that is when law enforcement officials say things became dangerous.

"800 kids show up some with guns, firing guns in the air, robbing people, stolen cars, drugs," Lt. Paul Hopkins of the Orange County Sheriff's Office told WFTV-TV.

One person was injured in the chaos.

Police from four area departments showed up to get the situation under control. Officers believe that the teens organized the stunt on social media.

Officers arrested two juveniles; one for battery and resisting arrest and the second on drug charges.
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