VIDEO: Man falls through bus window during assault

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Surveillance video captured a violent encounter between two passengers on a city bus in Missouri that sent one man crashing through a bus window.

One moment Daron Clay was listening to music. The next, he was fending off an armed man.

"I seen him pull the knife out of his pocket, I was just like I have to fight for my life," Clay told KSHB.

Clay was also worried about the mother and her two children across from them.

"I didn't want her to get hurt. I didn't want the kids to get hurt. I knew that I was going to get stabbed, but you know I just had to fight for my life," he said.

The 21-year-old pushed the knife-wielding man toward the front of the bus. As the driver slammed the brakes, the suspect goes right thru the windshield. You can see the knife in the suspect's right hand. He ends up using it to stab Clay once before the driver opens the doors.

"This never happened before anytime on the bus," Clay said.

KSHB showed the security video that 41 Action News first obtained to KCATA riders. It disgusted some of them.

"To act like and be like that in order to commit violence for some type of interactions like that - to me that's just pure ignorance, purely disrespectful," said Sean Cannon, a KCATA rider.

Police arrested the knife-wielding man as Clay recovers from his stab wound. Clay said he doesn't regret what he did to protect himself and others on board that bus.

"If seems like it's getting out hand just back off. Some things you can't yourself out of, but just make sure you be safe about it. You never know what can happen," Clay said.

Clay said doctors told him he's recovering faster than they expected. Meanwhile, charges in this case are pending.