Video of LaPorte HS student sex abuse posted on social media, authorities say

LA PORTE, Ind. (WLS) -- Parents in northwest Indiana were on alert after a graphic video made rounds on social media. The LaPorte County Sheriff's Office said the video shows a high school student involved in a horrific case of sexual abuse.

Authorities also said this could be one of the worst cases of "sex-tortion" to be investigated in the area.

The video was posted on social media, including Facebook Live, and shared to other accounts. It was also viewed and shared by a number of people.

Investigators are working to figure out who created the video and who posted it online. They are also trying to stop the video from being shared further.

The sheriff's office said in a release that school officials sent out a robocall to parents, informing them of the case. The call warned that anyone who has the video or chooses to share it in the future may be charged with possession or dissemination of child pornography.

After school officials claimed they issued the robocall, some parents said Friday they had no idea what is going on and were concerned for their kids.

"I would like for us, parents, to know what we are up against and to know what exactly happened and not just hush-hush about it," said Doreen Cavender, a LaPorte High School parent.

School officials declined to comment Friday morning.

LaPorte County's prosecuting attorney and sheriff said in a statement they are concerned "for the child and the child's family who appear to have been victimized by a particularly heinous crime."

Parents said Friday they hoped their children were safe inside school.

"It's kind of wild. It's strange because this happens at a lot of schools all the time. I see it on the television a lot with these kids sexting and what have you. You don't know what think about this," said Gary Cavender, another LaPorte High School parent.

The FBI, LaPorte County's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit and the Indiana ICAC Task Force in Indianapolis are working together on the investigation.
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