Video shows police shootout with man suspected of shooting pregnant girlfriend

CHICAGO -- The Independent Police Review Authority released dramatic video of a November shoot out, taken on body and dashboard cameras, take on the day police shot and killed a man for shooting his pregnant fiancee.

Police said the dashcam video shows Grimes pointing and firing and a Chicago police officer exiting his squad car, sending the cop to the ground to take cover as he was apparently grazed by a bullet.

Grimes would later be tracked down police in a gangway. An officer's body camera recorded audio of an explosive fight. While several body cameras were recording on that night, none show the actual shooting.

On Nov. 27, Grimes was accused of shooting his girlfriend in the abdomen, killing her unborn child. The baby was 8 months old.

At the time, family said Grimes was excited to have a baby on the way, but had been struggling with depression. His sister said he must have snapped that night.

"He wanted the baby. Everybody wanted the baby. He wanted the baby, 100 percent wanted the baby. It was just like a snap, a depression," Nicole Brady said.

Police responded to that call when officers encountered Grimes on the street. Police said they shot at officers twice, unprovoked, and they returned fire, killing him in a gangway.

It was the second police shooting during the weekend just after Thanksgiving, and the fourth within 10 days.

Friday's IPRA video release is part of a promise by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the police department to be more transparent. null