What worked in Englewood? No shootings over July 4

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "The kids were mostly out. They were having a nice time. Not to start no trouble. They were out to enjoy the holiday," Edward Riley said.

Just enjoying the holiday is typical in most neighborhoods, but not always in Englewood, which is considered one of the most violent police districts. But this Fourth of July was different. Not one person was shot during the holiday period from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning.

While a bigger police presence may have played a part, neighbors also give credit to community involvement.

"We had individuals on a 24 hours basis walking the streets, building relationships, helping to keep violence down in the community," Autry Philips, Target Area Development Corp, said.

Target Area Development Corp received a $400,000 grant to train 300 residents on conflict resolution. The organization's executive director said using people from the community helps keep the violence down.

A group of women dressed in pink, calling themselves an Army of Moms, also walked the blocks over the holiday weekend.

"We were present and we really connected with residents of community. Not just young people, but homeowners and people who have been there 30-40 years," Tamar Manasseh, Army of Moms, said.

While a violent free weekend gives residents and community groups hope, they all know there is a long way to go. But, they say it can be done one block at a time.

"All the older positive role models are doing their part to keep everybody off the street and way from guns," Malik Yarbor, 19, said.

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