Woman discovers animal parts scattered outside home

REDLANDS, Calif. -- A woman found animal parts scattered across her doorstep at her Redlands home, and police were looking into the incident as a case of vile vandalism.

Barbara Stewart said she woke up around 5 a.m. Sunday to take her dog outside to go to the bathroom, when she saw two cut-off pigs' feet in the front porch.

"It looked really fresh. It looked like it was purchased at a market, or something like that, because it was clean," she added.

But that wasn't all. Stewart found heads and feet of different animals.

"Chicken feet, fish parts - fish heads, other half of the fish. There were two pigs' feet, one strewn in one part, and a lot of chicken feet everywhere," she said.

Her husband's truck was also covered in flour, forcing the couple to file a police report.

Stewart said its vandalism and thinks the animal parts were purchased at a specialty market.

She called the trash company and asked that everything be picked up quickly.

Regardless of whether it's just a sick joke, Stewart said behavior like this needs to stop.

"I just can't imagine doing something like that to a person, that's just gross, it's nasty, literally," she added. "It's just very upsetting, I'm reeling from it..."
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