Woman horrified to find Craigslist ad that appeared to be her soliciting sex

HOUSTON -- Monica Knowles discovered horrific posts on Craigslist about her. The posts said she was soliciting group sex. They contained her name, her photo and her phone number, but she never posted the ad.

"It just sends chills up my spine. It just makes me sick to my stomach," said Monica Knowles.

It started out innocent enough. She said she had a conversation on a dating site.

"I met this young man. His name was Eddie," said Knowles.

Monica went on just one date with Eddie Langston and broke it off, but she said he wouldn't have it and wouldn't leave her alone.

"He said that he was going to post something online," said Knowles.

She said he did post something -- an ad on Craigslist. It was a picture of her, soliciting sex.

"He put my personal information, my phone number and everything. People were calling me, trying to have sex with me, basically," said Knowles.

Private investigator Daniel Weiss said it happens a lot. He said if you are a victim it can be difficult to get the damaging information removed.

"You're going to have to engage an attorney. You're going to have to issue orders to Craigslist, Facebook, take down orders to get the information taken down," said Daniel Weiss of McCann Investigations.

Also, Weiss recommends that you document everything, like Knowles did. Fortunately, she said Langston agreed to remove the post on his own. Now he is charged with online impersonation. There is a warrant out for his arrest.

Monica says she's learned something from it all. "I don't give out any of personal information. Try to get to know the person first. For me, I wouldn't do it anymore , online dating, nothing at all," said Monica.
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