Woman plans to sue highway patrol after officer disrupts funeral procession

LOS ANGELES -- A California woman is considering legal action after California Highway Patrol officers disrupted her mother's funeral procession.

Anger and frustration was caught on camera after the procession of 65-year-old Sandra Behn-Capel, who was being taken to her final resting place, was stopped by CHP officers.

Rachel Behn-Humphrey said her mother's funeral is forever marred by the humiliation they suffered on the freeway.

"No respect. There was no respect at all. None at all. No matter what I said to the CHP officer he had no respect," she said.

The incident happened on May 8 as a CHP officer pulled over the lead motorcycle escort. The massive procession ended up pulling over on the side of the 10 Freeway near Crenshaw Boulevard.

The CHP said the officer pulled over the escort because it had illegal red lights on the motorcycle. The department said the officer repeatedly told the other motorcycle escorts and the rest of the procession that they could continue.

"It is unfortunate what happened after the traffic stop, but the officer did feel the stop needed to be made," the CHP said in a statement.

The family is also looking into suing Metropolitan Mortuary Jurupa Valley, which arranged the improperly equipped escorts as well as the escort service itself.

The mortuary did not want to comment on the incident.

Behn-Humphrey said losing her treasured mother was a gut-wrenching experience compounded by a lack of respect and compassion.

"I'd like for the CHP to apologize to me and my family and everyone involved in that procession," she said.
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