Young father killed shielding others from gunfire in New York

FORT GREENE, Brooklyn -- A young father was killed trying to do the right thing and keep others from getting hurt in Brooklyn.

Hilton Villot stands in front of a hundred messages offering comfort for the loss of his son. There is no comfort to be found.

"She should have had a thought like, 'OK Luis, I'm going to leave, I'll leave it alone, I'll go home," but no. She just had that instant in her mind that she had to do something," Hilton said.

Luis Villot was 29 years old, and the memorial that stands where he died shows a father determined to raise his children right. He never got the chance.

"He seen his father laying there and he asked, 'is my daddy going to be ok?'"

"He had nothing to do with it," said Zenaida Villot, the victim's mother.

A group of women were arguing here outside the Farragut Houses in Fort Greene and everyone could tell one in particular was trouble.

"She had a drink in her hand, you know it wasn't beer, it was liquor. My son was telling them, you all need to stop, I want to bring my son out here to play," Zenaida said.

One woman did leave, but came back with a gun and opened fire. The area was filled with people. Luis tried to protect them.

"He was shielding them, the lady and the little girl, trying to protect them from getting shot. So he pulled them away, and while she was shooting, she shot three, like the third one, it looked like the gun powered her, so then it got my son," Zenaida said

Luis died from a single gunshot to the head. The shooter left the scene, but 29-year-old Cheyenne Wright turned herself in to police Tuesday. She and Luis had known each other their whole lives.

Wright is now facing charges of second degree murder and reckless endangerment.
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