'Starving for success:' Ex-NFL player begging outside NRG Stadium for spot on Texans team

HOUSTON -- A former NFL player wants back in to the league, but the way he's going about it has certainly turned heads.

Joe Anderson, 26, spent the last couple of days standing outside of NRG Stadium with a cardboard sign that says homeless and hungry for success.

Anderson was a wide receiver with the Chicago Bears for two years. And then was dropped due to an injury.

He's better now, but he says no one is giving him a chance to play.

So he said he prayed about it. And came up with the plan.

"It was bigger than me standing out there. If I don't play another -- I'm going to say this -- if I don't play another day of football, and the amount of people that I inspired doing when I did, that means everything to me man. And that's pleasing to God at the end of the day," Anderson said.

Anderson said he would love to play for the Texans, but at this point, he wouldn't say no to other teams.

Anderson is a father of two young children and is married to a Houston school teacher.

We wish him all the best.
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