50-pound nose stolen, 'picked' off porch

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Something stinks in Portland, Oregon. KPTV reports someone stole a 50-pound nose from a family's porch - and the kids want it back.

"So it says, 'Lost nose! Have you seen our beloved 50 pound nose? Maybe you accidentally picked it, thinking it was your own?" Sayre Albert said.

The Albert family kids, Sayre, Dylan and Connor, just put up some fliers.

"We're just..." Sayre said.

"Really sad," Connor said.

"Yeah," Dylan said.

"We're just hoping..." Sayre continued.

"Someone can..." Dylan said.

"Get it back," Connor said.

"...bring it back, maybe the police or something," Dylan continued.

The children want their family's porch decoration back.

"Like, literally, it's on our porch every day. When people walk by, they comment on it, like, 'Oh look at the nose! What's that all about?'" Dylan said.

The family admits the nose may not be worth a lot of money.

But Sayre said, "We just found it at my dad's company. He's in advertising. In the junk pile of his office, it was just there and we thought it'd be funny to bring home."

That odd item they picked out is pretty important to them.

"It's sort of, kind of like, when you adopt a dog, and the dog becomes part of your family," Sayre said.

"And someone stole it!" Cannon said.

Their mom thinks someone swiped the nose late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

"We're not mad at the people who stole it, but we're just hoping they take it back," Sayre said.

"Dylan here, she was all, 'We should offer a reward. How about $2,000?' Then our parents were like..." Sayre continued.

"'That's too much,'" Dylan said.

"'Whatever you have in your piggy bank,'" Sayre said.

"Wait, You took that out of my piggy bank?!" Cannon said.

The siblings scrapped together $6.27.

If it's back before Halloween, they can continue a holiday tradition of dressing up the nose.