Juvenile questioned after third racist incident this week at Oak Park and River Forest High School

OAK PARK, Ill. (WLS) -- A juvenile is being questioned as a person of interest after an anti-Semitic image was electronically distributed to Oak Park and River Forest High School students during an assembly Friday morning, according to the Village of Oak Park.

The student allegedly used the Apple AirDrop feature to distribute the image of a swastika to other students' cell phones during the assembly, authorities said. The distribution of the image apparently created a second incident when, police said, a student reportedly told a parent that two other students were talking about shooting up the school.

The threat was investigated and found to be not credible, school authorities said.

This incident follows several other acts of discrimination at the high school this week. The school has increased its security presence as a result, school officials said.

"I was like 'Why? I thought this was school. Why is this being AirDropped to people?'" Brandon Stiffic, an OPRF student, said of the incident. "A bunch of students got frightened and scared and they didn't know what to do."

Cheyanne Macklin, another OPRF student, said her cell phone was out of range of whoever sent the image so she didn't receive it, but she was upset about what happened.

"I would just say why do you have so much hate in you? We can't choose who we are; it's our identity," she said.

Michael Stamm, an OPRF student, was troubled to see the pain Friday's incident caused.

"It is really hard seeing my friends being hurt by this," he said. "I know since I am a white male I am not personally targeted but this still really affects me because the people I love are being hurt."

A community meeting was held Wednesday to address other racist and anti-Semitic graffiti found at the school. Etta Fuller, an OPRF parent, was frustrated that it happened again on Friday, but was glad that the school handled the incident seriously.

"We were here the other night for the community meeting, which got absolutely nowhere," she said. "The kids in this community are generally good kids. This might be some prank that's gone awry, or they might mean it. You take every threat seriously."
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