Off-duty Dolton police officer shot on Chicago's South Side

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An off-duty Dolton police officer was wounded in a shooting on Chicago's South Side early Monday morning, police said.

The officer was off-duty at the time of the shooting and dressed in plain clothes. The officer has been identified as 55-year-old Detective Darryl Hope, who has been on the force for about 17 years.

Doctors said Monday afternoon that Detective Hope is conscious but in a lot of pain.

Detective Hope was shot in an exchange of gunfire at about 12:09 a.m. in the 7600-block of South Calumet Avenue, police said. The 55-year-old Dolton police detective was coming home after his shift.

"Two persons that were armed approached him, took cover and ordered him down from his porch. At that time my detective dropped his bag and sometime during the encounter, shots were exchanged and my detective was shot," said Dolton Police Chief Robert M. Collins Jr.

Detective Hope was shot in the arm, abdomen and leg, but his injuries are not life threatening.

Police believe it was an attempted robbery, but the men didn't get away with anything. Instead they ran off.

The shooting sparked an intense manhunt as SWAT officers with heavy fire power searched backyards and alleys with the help of canine units.

Community activist Andrew Holmes is a longtime friend of the detective. He spoke to him on the phone just three minutes before the shooting.

"I thank God he had them holy hands over him and that he's still here with us because those three minutes could have cost him his life," Holmes said.

The Chicago Police Department is investigating the shooting and Dolton police say they are cooperating.

Investigators don't believe Detective Hope was followed to his home from work. They think it was just a crime of opportunity and the suspects happened to pick a decorated police officer.

"He's a member of the South Suburban Crime Task Force. He's handled a number of cases for the Village of Dolton, former commander of the detective unit. He's just a good police officer," said Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers.

So far, there is no suspect description, although one may have been injured. Police said all they can say is that the men were wearing dark clothes.

As of Monday afternoon, doctors were working to find a safe way to remove the bullet lodged in Detective Hope's back.
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