Video evidence of confrontation, arrest presented in murder trial for man accused of killing Chicago Cmdr. Paul Bauer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An officer testified about the moment he faced the man accused of killing Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer on the second day of his murder trial.

Prosecutors also presented photo and video evidence Wednesday that they say could help convict 42-year-old Shomari Legghette.

Police said they first ran across Legghette at the bottom of a stairwell near Lower Wacker Drive, where officers said he was urinating on a wall.

Two officers driving by stopped Legghette. Officer Raymond Haran said he told Legghette, "'I want to talk to you,' but he said, 'No, I'm good' and ran up the stairs."

The conversation led police to chase Legghette and ultimately to the death of Commander Bauer, prosecutors said.

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Prosecutors showed video from several cameras, starting with the initial confrontation on Lower Wacker until he was ultimately arrested in a stairwell outside the Thompson Center after allegedly shooting Bauer.

Legghette sat quietly in court Wednesday as prosecutors played audio from police radios.

Bauer, who was in the area for a meeting, heard the radio call and saw the suspect crossing right in front of him on Clark Street near Lake.

Prosecutors said when Bauer tried to stop him, the two men wrestled and tumbled down another stairway near the Thompson Center.

Moments later, witnesses reported hearing gunfire in the stairwell.
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In opening statements Tuesday, defense attorney Scott Kamin said Legghette had no idea that Cmdr. Bauer was a police officer.

He said Legghette plans to testify for himself that he fired in self-defense.
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