CPS officials unable to reach over 2K students during COVID-19 pandemic, data show

No data were provided for more than 3,000 students
CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Public Schools officials have been unable to contact thousands of students during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to newly-released engagement data.

At least 2,259 students could not be reached; therefore, officials cannot determine what digital access they have. No data were provided for an additional 3.523 students, so their engagement status is also unknown.

Using the sample week of May 11, selected by CPS, teachers reported only 58.8% of students engaging on three or more days with remote classroom sessions districtwide. That excludes kindergarten and pre-K.

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During that sample week, CPS officials were only able to contact 85.3% of students. And 77% of students engaged in remote classroom learning at least once that week.

Nearly one in five students did not have an assignment scored by a teacher during the sample time.

Also, excluding kindergarten and pre-K, about 23% of African American students did not have a single assignment graded during the sample week. The figure for white students was about 7%.

Across the district, about 208,000 students attended an online classroom at least once during the sample week.

In a statement, CPS officials told the I-Team that the data will be used to increase support and resources for schools and their students struggling with engagement:

Individual schools and educators are best equipped to contact and engage their students because they have relationships with the families and communities they serve. As a district, we are committed to supporting schools in this complex work by using this data to engage them about the challenges they have encountered to determine where additional support or resources are needed.
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