Online fraudsters target dating sites for money mules, BBB report says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Could someone who you think you like online be turning you into a money mule?

A Better Business Bureau report said there are thousands of victims of fraudsters targeting online dating sites.

They could give you funds and ask you to transfer them into another account for them. You think you're doing a favor for someone you're falling for, but they're using you to launder that money.

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That money is most likely is coming from an innocent victim who they scammed. When you transfer the money it's much harder for law enforcement to identify the crooks.

The I-Team investigates a more widespread version of this scheme Thursday on ABC7 Eyewitness News at 10.

It's called the romance scam, and the I-Team found people who opened their hearts and were also being convinced to open their own wallets, including one woman who lost more than $100,000.
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