Paris attacks prompt some to alter travel plans

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The terror attacks in Paris have prompted some in Chicago to alter their international travel plans.

For now, conference and video calls are how Matt Kowal plans to conduct business with co-workers in Paris. Kowal, of Chicago, travels to France for work at least once a month, but Friday's attacks have put a halt to any future travel plans.

"Our company is now giving us some direction that we are not allowed to go to Paris or until further notice because they want to have things settle down," Kowal said.

While some companies reevaluate their travel policies to Paris, travel agency owner Lynn Farrell says that, so far, none of her clients have cancelled any planned vacations to France.

"I think with past experiences people traveling internationally when there were incidents people usually let things settle down, 24-48 hours, and see if in fact there are state warnings," said Farrell, of Windy City Travel.

And so far, the U.S. State Department has not issued warnings or alerts to Paris.

Farrell, who is planning her own family's spring vacation to Paris, advises her clients to base their travel decisions on government warnings.

In the meantime, Kowal is hoping his company will allow him to return to Paris for a business trip planned at the end of the month.

"We can certainly get by with phone calls and video conference, but always better to do it face-to-face," Kowal said.

One traveler who has no plans of cancelling an upcoming trip to Paris is Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He plans to attend a climate change meeting there in December.

Emanuel said Monday that we cannot allow the attacks to break our countries apart.

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