Chicago students on Paris trip return home

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A group of Chicago students who were in Paris during Friday's terror attacks were greeted by some very relieved parents when their flight landed at O'Hare Airport Monday.

"We didn't get to see the beauty of Paris. The little glimpse we did see it was awesome and I didn't want to leave," said Germaine Berry, a student.

They were in Paris barely a few hours before the terrorist attacks took place. Two dozen seniors from Chicago's Agricultural High School landed back in Chicago on Monday, five days before they were scheduled to return.

"We didn't really fully know what was going on like everyone else did, like my parents, so it was hard to stay in contact with them. It was just really scary," said Raine Emery, a student.

The decision to cut the trip short was made by CPS and their principal almost immediately. The students, who were staying at a hostel a few miles from where the attacks took place, say they were pretty much on lockdown over the weekend.

"The only time we were able to leave was to get food and it was maybe for 20 minutes we were able to leave," said Ariel Gomez, a student.

It was a disappointment for the students, who say it was only on Sunday that they were allowed outside for quick guided tours, as long as they didn't leave the safety of their vehicles.

"My pen pal's family, her father took my other friends to see the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, and a lot of other famous monuments. It wasn't everything I wanted to do, but it was a little sneak peek," said Jeanette Akuamoah, a student.

Another group of students from Chicago's Francis W. Parker School were scheduled to go to Paris this week. However, the school's principal says the trip has been postponed indefinitely.
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