Police officer saves man from being struck by oncoming train in New Jersey

PERTH AMBOY, New Jersey -- Dramatic body-cam footage shows a New Jersey police officer's frantic effort to save a man from being hit by a train.

Perth Amboy Officer Kyle Savoia ran about 200 yards and screamed at the man, who was lying face down on the tracks as the train was approaching.

The man jumped out of the way with no time to spare, with the train bearing down on him.

The disoriented man could be heard on camera thanking the officer and crying.

He is now being evaluated at the hospital.

Savoia, 22, responded after getting a call about a man who had fallen asleep on the railroad tracks just south of the Perth Amboy New Jersey Transit station.

"He didn't answer why he was on the tracks but he did explain to me he had a rough patch of a few days," said Savoia.

The rookie officer has spent seven months on the job. His father and grandfather were also police officers.
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