Pete Buttigieg campaigns on South Side of Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Pete Buttigieg made a low key visit to Chicago's South Side- not to raise money for his presidential campaign, but to have a conversation about what he hopes to bring to the White House if he can win the Democratic nomination.

The 2nd Congressional District is a large and very diverse district - one that represents a fairly good cross-section of Illinois. Congresswoman Robin Kelly invited Buttigieg here as part of an effort give her constituents a chance to evaluate candidates firsthand.

At Corliss High School, Buttigieg talked about his rise from being the mayor of South Bend, Indiana to where he is today.

"This idea that seemed crazy one year ago. Now less than three weeks out we're in the top tier of candidates," he said.

"When candidate come to town they always go to downtown Chicago or they go north, no one ever seems to come south," Kelly said.

The event was the the first in a series that Kelly is calling "Conversations with..."

"I wanted to bring the presidential candidates to my district and speak to my constituents, I know everyone here won't be a constituent, but I wanted to bring the mountains to the people. And it's free," Kelly said.

The questions for the event were carefully scripted and Buttigieg was not asked the one that has dogged his campaign-- why he has had such difficulty building support among black voters.

"I really can't answer that question. I know some people talk about different things that happen in his hometown, but that's why he's here, he can answer the question," Kelly said.

Afterwards Buttigieg took selfies and signed autographs.

But when we tried to ask Buttigieg to address that issue, his press aide quickly pulled him away.

Kelly's campaign said she has commitments from Deval Patrick, Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar and is in discussions with Elizabeth Warren and Mike Bloomberg as well.

Kelly has not endorsed anyone, but hopes to make that decision before the Ilinois Primary on March 17.
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