Photographer David Yarrow captures striking images of wildlife on Chicago streets

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Late Wednesday night, the intersection of Madison and LaSalle became the stomping grounds for an unlikely trio - a wolf, a bear and a mountain lion.

"We're going to try and push some boundaries tonight," wildlife photographer David Yarrow said.

Yarrow's shot in Chicago before. He was here in 2017 for a "modernist" winter photo shoot. But this time, he's doing something different.

"This one is going back to the thirties and Al Capone and prohibition," Yarrow said. "We're just trying to recreate a few stories... figure out what we are going to do, where people go 'bloody hell'".

Yarrow and his crew set up facing the iconic Chicago Board of Trade, which has been the backdrop of several movies. He and his team shut down the block from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.- and getting it approved by the city wasn't easy.

"A lot of phone calls and paperwork and convincing city officials that we can have wild animals in the streets of Chicago safely and everything will go off smoothly," Location Manager Clare Bisignano said.

It did.

"You want people to look at a picture and then continue to look at it and not stop," Yarrow said. "If they just look at it for one second, it's not a very good picture. You want them to look at it, and then they can't get rid of it."

To see more of Yarrow's work, you can visit his website or his exhibit at local Chicago gallery, Hilton Asmus Contemporary.
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