Dogs flown in from Puerto Rico, one step closer to reuniting with owners after Hurricane Maria

PITTSBURG, PA (WLS) -- The Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART) helped get those animals there.

They were first flown to Madison, New Jersey from Puerto Rico.

Then volunteers from animal rescue drove them to Pittsburgh

And while they've traveled nearly 2,000 miles so far, their journey isn't over yet.

"Now they are going to go to various places, a couple to Columbus, some to Indianapolis, and I believe a few to Baltimore," said volunteer Don Siegel.

Their owners were forced to leave them behind nine months ago after Hurricane Maria ravaged the tiny island.

PAART drivers will head south with eight dogs that will be reunited with their owners in Baltimore, Alexandria, and Norfolk.

The last four dogs will see their families in Columbus, Indianapolis and West Lafayette, in Indiana.

"For me it's, how often do you get to save lives," said Siegel.

"When people say what's the reward, look at that little guy's face, it's like, they look up to you and are saying, I'm going somewhere special, I'm not stuck here anymore, said David Stash, PAART member.
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