Duck family reunited just in time for Mother's Day

WALKER, Mich. -- An unusual water rescue played out in the parking lot of a Michigan shopping center Friday.

Six baby ducklings had to be rescued after falling through a storm grate in the parking lot outside a shoe store at the Greenridge Shopping Center in Walker, Michigan.

Firefighters spent an hour working to get the heavy metal grate removed so they could reach the ducklings.

A small but enthusiastic crowd flocked around including Sarah Christopher and her 4-year-old son, who called for help after seeing the mother duck squawking and circling around the drain with five of her 11 ducklings.

"We were just going to buy some shoes and we heard lots of squawking and movement and splashing and the mama was getting all upset and when you looked down there you saw six little babies floating around and you can't let them be in there without their mom on Mother's Day weekend," Christopher told WZZM.

Walker fire Lieutenant Dean England said his crew is prepared for anything. This was their first duck rescue of the year.