Chicago Animal Care and Control shares tips for handling stray kittens

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For Chicago Animal Care and Control, May means the start of kitten season - and lots of animals in need!

Kelly Gandurski, executive director of Chicago Animal Care and Control, and Jenny Schlueter, assistant to the director, stopped by ABC7 to talk about what to do if you find stray cats and kittens in your yard or on your street.

You don't want to just grab them and take them to a shelter, or inside your home. They need to stay with mom ideally until they're about 6 weeks old, and then the entire family can either be rescued, or the kittens can be rescued and mom can be fixed.

It also depends if mom cat is friendly, or feral, meaning not socialized to people. It also depends on where the kittens are located - are they safe? And can they be protected until they are a little older?

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