Indiana officer saves skunk with head stuck in cup

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WLS) -- A police officer in South, Bend Indiana saved a skunk that found itself in some trouble.

The skunk wound up with its head stuck in a cup.

That's when South Bend Police Officer Ron Kaszas spotted the skunk and helped free it.

"I got out, I got my towel out of the car as I keep in there for raining and stuff like that. I put the towel over the skunk real quick with gloves on, grabbed the cup, and then hurried up and jerked it off its head and stepped out of the way and hope to god it doesn't spray," Kasza said.

The skunk did not spray Officer Kaszas.

He says he's familiar with the animal because his family had a pet skunk for several years.

The officer was recognized for his efforts that have since gone viral.

"I saw him recording. He said 'I'm going viral and I said, no I'm fine. I'm not worried about it. I've done it before I'll do it again," Kasza said.
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