PAWS Chicago builds shelters to keep feral cats warm

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Volunteers in Little Village worked ahead of Saturday's falling temperatures to make sure Chicago's feral cats have a place to stay warm.

PAWS Chicago workers used plastic tubs, foam insulation and straw to create the cat shelters, which will keep the cats out of the cold this winter.

"They're literally going to save the lives of some of these outdoor cats this winter," said PAWS Chicago Director of Community Outreach Laurie Maxwell.

Volunteers said that installing the shelters in Saturday's chilly weather served as a reminder of how necessary the work is.

The cats provide a service to the neighborhood, as well - they help to keep Chicago's rat population under control.

"It will definitely make an impact on the health of the outdoor cats, especially keeping them warm as well," said Community Cats Program Coordinator Fatima Rodriguez.

The majority of the cat shelters will be delivered to under-served communities where residents may not have easy access to building supplies.
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