2nd gorilla born at Lincoln Park Zoo, exactly 1 month after the 1st

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A second Western lowland gorilla was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo Wednesday.

The zoo announced that 24-year-old Bana gave birth to a healthy infant on June 12, one month after Rollie gave birth to a healthy male infant. The sex of the newborn has not yet been determined.

Zoo officials said the baby is clinging to Bana and nursing. It is Bana's second offspring, who gave birth to Patty, a female, in 2012.

"Having two offspring born close together provides such an exciting time for guests and gorillas alike," said Curator of Primates Jill Moyse. "The infants will have the opportunity to grow, develop, and explore their surroundings together and learn from one another."

Regenstein Center for African Apes will be closed until Sunday while the group acclimates to its new addition.

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered in Central Africa due to poaching and habitat loss, the zoo said. Bana and silverback Kwan were selected to breed as part of the Western Lowland Gorilla Species Survival Plan, an accredited program and a collaborative effort among zoos.
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