Newest rescued otter pups meet the other sea otters at Shedd Aquarium

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Shedd Aquarium's two newest rescued otter pups were introduced to the rest of the sea otters at the Chicago aquarium Wednesday.

Pups Cooper and Watson arrived in Chicago in June, and have been an inseparable pair ever since, the aquarium said. Now they took their next important step, socializing with the other sea otters at the Shedd.

First the pups, together, were introduced to one other otter. Then, one by one, the pups met the rest of the otter crew: Kiana, Luna, Elli and Yaku. Now all six otters can be on exhibit together, aquarium officials said.

Shedd officials said so far the pups have been seen most frequently with Kiana, the smallest otter.

Cooper and Watson have also been mastering other important otter skills like grooming and foraging.
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