West Loop Veterinary Care to host free Pet CPR demonstrations

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The health of your pet is important, so it's crucial to learn lifesaving techniques to help your dog or cat in the case of an emergency.

West Loop Veterinary Care is hosting a CPR For Pets demonstration on Saturday, July 20th.

Location: Green City Market West Loop (115 S. Sangamon, Chicago)

Time: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Admission: Free

What might cause a pet to need CPR?

Pets may stop breathing do to a variety of reasons. Some of the more common reasons we see are:
  • Choking because the pet has an obstruction in the airway
  • Trauma such as being hit by a car
  • Water- near drowning
  • Allergic reaction

How do you know if your pet needs CPR?

  • Check for a heartbeat or pulse.
  • Check to see if the pet is breathing

If your pet is not breathing and there is no heartbeat, CPR can be performed.

How do you perform CPR for pets?

  • First lay the dog on its side
  • Make certain there is not an obstruction in its mouth or throat. Sometime a ball, toy or other item can become lodged and prevent an animal from breathing.
  • If there is an obstruction, remove it immediately
  • If there is no obstruction, extend the neck and begin artificial respiration

Illness can also be a cause, although that would probably make it more difficult for CPR to be successful.
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