Coronavirus: West Loop Veterinary Care gives tips on how to keep your pet safe during COVID-19 outbreak

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As we all work to stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak across the nation, some people may be wondering how you can keep your pet safe.

Dr. David Gonsky of West Loop Veterinary Care joined ABC7 via Skype with tips on how to keep your keep pets safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Gonsky said if a person has contracted COVID-19, they should avoid interacting closely with their pets and make sure to wash their hands before and after touching their pets.

The doctor said while some pets can get coronavirus, they cannot contract or transmit COVID-19.

Dr. Gonsky also said it's important to keep your pets hydrated.

But fear not, the doctor also said dog owners should not be afraid to take their dogs out for walks.

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