4-Star-Chicagoan helps families whose pets have cancer

CHICAGO -- This week's 4-Star-Chicagoan found a way to help families cope when their pets have been diagnosed with cancer.

Sarah Louch created The Live Like Roo Foundation to provide emotional support and financial assistance to pet owners in need.

When Sarah's dog Roo was diagnosed with cancer, she created a bucket list for her pet that went viral with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo. After Roo passed, Sarah created the foundation to help other pet owners dealing with a similar experience.

Live Like Roo Foundation supports dogs and their owners through a cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional assistance.

The Roo Cancer Care Packages include some of Roo's favorite items-including a blanket (which has become a favorite of the packages), a gift card for ice cream and McNuggets and burgers, toys, treats, collars and much more. They have found that people and dogs that receive these packages absolutely love them and they lift the spirits of the dog and of the human.

Wilson Sporting Goods surprised Sarah with tennis balls for her care packages.

To help Sarah continue helping her fellow Chicagoans, GiftCards.com provided a $500 Visa gift card that she can use wherever Visa is accepted.

More on The Live Like Roo Foundation: livelikeroo.org.